Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Tacky Joys of Show Choir

"Tackiness" it seems to be a phrase we throw around a lot.  I myself am completely guilty of this(especially when i am describing a certain color being painted in a certain college building), but it really is something that is up to interpretation.  One form of entertainment that is undeniably tacky is the competition art that is show choir.  I had the privilege of doing show choir for 2 years in high school and it always was a blast.
Me during my senior year of H.S. can you find me among all the sequins?
Is tacky always aesthetically displeasing? I don't think this is necessarily the case! After all tacky is a very subjective term.  There is a certain joy that comes with something colorful, brash and cheesy.  Movie musicals, corny comedies, and variety television can make us all smile. Maybe "tackiness" is just be a word for fun art that doesn't make you think.

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