Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Blog #11 Nov. 7th

We had talked about a lot of different things in these couple weeks of class and still talking about the idea of genius and how one can be genius; whether it lies in the conscious or unconscious part of our mind.  I could say that I am a genius and it could mean nothing because in most ways I could not prove it, while an artist could display their skills and ability by creating something brilliant.  However, does that make them a genius?  If producing an amazing piece of artwork does not constitute you as a genius, then what does?  To be considered as one, you cannot be aware of it or try to create a certain thing because it would attract others...you have to do it because you do it (being guided or inspired to do a certain thing could give you the title of being a genius).  Not many people are satisfied with a piece that is an "original" (which might be why Sun Ra gained attention...but I digress).  People always want brand new and things never seen before.  People are trying though to give people what they want and in turn it is conscious of what they want to produce rather than letting it come naturally to them (unconscious).  If you ask me, I know who is a genius....Bob Ross (you may know him as the "happy tree" guy.

So is this guy a genius because he does his work frrr flowing with little thought at all?  You tell me.

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