Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Rise and Fall of Genius

Kant had an instrumental role in defining modern aesthetics, but he also had a specific view of genius as well. To him, genius takes the place of rules (or even becomes the rules). That being said, genius without taste leads to what Kant defines as "original nonsense." One cannot become a genius out of sheer force of will, he/she must have genius inherent within them from the start. In other words, genius can only be discovered, not created. Kant warns to be careful though not to confuse genius with simple talent, as talent is merely the capacity to do something. The idea of genius extends far beyond talent, allowing an artist to express aesthetic ideas that carries us beyond ourselves. So, who would you consider a genius? How far can a genius go before they stray into creating original nonsense?

"Is 'Yeezus' (Kanye West) Genius, or just Original Nonsense?"

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