Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Blog #3 Sept. 10th

Art as displeasing or ugly/grotesque to your eyes.
       If you can see art as ugly and another person believes the artwork is beautiful, there shows a falisie that proves it is an individual's viewpoint that can be argued.  Does it then just depend on how we view it?  I would argue that the way we view a piece of art depends on how we view our own personal reality.  What may be real to us may not be the same for one of our neighbors who sees it as something completely different.  The same then is in pieces art.  I may see every piece by Leonardo da Vinci as a masterpiece while the person looking at the same piece could think the images are too graphic or find a piece upsetting.  How do we then appreciate something that we call art.  Is buying the piece the true definition of appreciating it?  How do we truly appreciate a piece then?...staring at it for hours doesn't really sound like a justifiable answer.
Example: I find Leonardo da Vinci's early paintings of old and tattered faces as a brilliant side of an artist that can draw beautiful and angelic faces as well as people experiencing pain, capturing it in a photograph.
Some people see this picture as unapealing and unfinished while it could be the exact opposite of that...it is a beautiful piece showing an emotion.

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