Friday, December 6, 2013

Religious Art

While I often find myself opposed to Coomaraswarmy's strict approach to art, I have realized that even I have instincts that align themselves with Coomaraswarmy. I was thinking about how i often can appreciate religious art outside of its context, but what if I looked at the art of my own religious background, Catholicism.  Catholic art and themes have found their way into popular culture and are know often used with little respect or context.  One just needs to walk into the popular teen retailer, forever 21, to see catholic images and rosaries being sold as purely ornamental.  Perhaps this example hit closer to home and helped me better sympathize with Coomaraswarmy's arguments.  Also, lots of popular artist use religious imagery in their videos and styles, while not always bad videos this often makes me uncomfortable.  I still do not agree with all of Coomaraswarmy's conclusions, but religious art taken out of context can be degrading and hollow.
Rosaries being used as fashion accessories
Madonna's video for "Like a Prayer" is perhaps the most famous example of pop music's use of catholic symbolism.

David Bowie's video for "The Next Day" had many christian groups up in arms.

Lady Gaga uses catholic imagery in her "Alejandro" music video

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