Tuesday, December 10, 2013

If This Is Art, Then What Isn't?

I was just on another blogging website and came across this. This is works done by an artist and designer Maciej Ratajski. I didn't do much research on the artist but I did find his "works" page and there I found two other works similar to the one I posted. I think all of these pieces (I will give you the link to the other two below) ask the general questions we encountered in the class. I like that he basically put our whole class into just a few sentences and questions, but re-worded. Seeing all of these works together actually made me think about what my answers would be. Also, some people may not think these pieces are art, but even if you dont think its art, it makes you think right? It makes a statement. 
Just thought these would be interesting to post because they really do fit perfectly with this class!

Is Bad Art Art?

There Is No Artwork

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