Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Blog #5 Sept. 24th

Our class discussion made me consider a lot of things about the artworld.  I never considered people making millions of dollars on copies or even just taking up a style similar to a famous artist and calling it their own.  I honestly feel like it must happen more often than not and that is degrading to  the original artist who built up such a portfolio that made people desire their pieces of work.  My real question is...is it still considered a work of art if it was in a style that another artist created?  What makes a piece artwork then?  It shouldn't have to be an original because it still got inspiration and still has an alternative meaning right?  How will we tell if it was a fake or not if you've never heard of the artist to begin with.  (Example: an up and coming artist has forgeries all over after his/her pieces were released to the public and begins getting popular).  Is that a sign of popularity that the pieces were reproduced or a sign of disrespect?  To me, it is taking away money from the artist but you should not be in art for selling their works.  So yes, it is a sign of respect to have your work reproduced and advertised, even though it is unfair.

This article was very interesting to show some of the top forgerie artists.  People that can make a living off the popularity of another...crazy. Maybe we should all just do this.

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