Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Blog #12 Nov. 19th

Cultural Differences
      If there is one thing this course has made me do, that would be thinking about how other cultures differ from our own.  In what ways are they different than us?  What structure do they have for society?  How do they view things there in an aesthetic sense?  It is important to learn about other cultures because they give us a new window of opportunity of viewing other people.  I would like to see how those people see things like Worhols and Picassos.  Would these just be colorful confusing artworks, or would they see a universal meaning?  Would these people view these things and see something instantaneously without even thinking about it?  These are the things that could define someone as a genius.  Producing a universal image that is aesthetically pleasing to an audience, any audience.  Moving people from different: political, racial, geographic, and cultural backgrounds into seeing something they can understand even speaking another language.  Is this wrong?  My definition of genius at least?...any comments/suggestions?  

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