Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Reflections of Red

Let me just say that I absolutely LOVED this performance. Tyler Thomas, good on ya mate!
The same weekend I saw Red I also went to see Cabaret over at Playhouse in the Park, and in my honest opinion, I thought Red blew it out of the water.
I found that a lot of the things that Rothko said about the current state of society and the arts I could relate to, and I often have the same thoughts and feelings. I'm not sure what Rothko was like in life nor do I know how accurately he was portrayed, but I enjoyed watching his character interact. Like Rothko in the play, I'm sickened to my core by our society of flagrant and shameless advertisement, and abhor that great art is becoming more and more a commodity, rather than a profound experience. Do you share similar feelings as Rothko did? Feel free to elaborate below.

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