Friday, August 30, 2013

Hi, my name is Andy Bramer and I am currently a biology major at Thomas More College. I'm from the area and attended school at Holy Cross High School in Covington, Ky. Despite being so close to campus, I live in Ackerman Hall where I am part of the Res Life Staff.

I dabble in art and have taken a few classes over the years, so I look forward to exploring what it is that captivates us when we see a great piece of art. I attended the Kentucky Governor's School for the Arts (GSA), which is essentially the artistic equivalent of Kentucky's Governor's Scholar Program, or GSP (if anyone's familiar with that particular program). In addition to the visual arts, I also participate in theater and sing a little bit as well (shout out to the TMC Glee Club). In taking this class I hope to learn ways to improve myself as well as develop a greater appreciation of other works.

My name is Lance Grimes and I am a junior and an English Literary Studies major here at TMC. I am originally from this particular northern Kentucky area (though I have lived in both Washington D.C. and Louisville as well), and graduated from Holy Cross High School. 

I'm taking this particular aesthetics course not only to fulfill a requirement, but also to fulfill a certain curiosity by way of taking a closer look into the way we consider art in our culture, around the globe, and the very nature of our own minds and biology, from the dichotomy of author and observer. (I guess I'm trying to discern why I like the things I like, and how have they influenced me in any way?)

I usually spend my leisurely time reading, drawing, watching films, and occasional playing xbox 360.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hello Everyone!

I'm Samuel Easley, a Sophomore philosophy major. This is my first year at Thomas More, as I (very) recently transferred from Xavier University. So far, I love Kentucky. One could give lengthier reasons than this, but the whole ethos of Thomas More and the state in general can just as easily be encapsulated in the air. Never before have I wanted to spend so much time outside just to breathe such fine air. It's really a lovely place.

Though naturally I find philosophy in general to be fascinating, aesthetics in particular is of interest because I've had almost no exposure to any thought which concerns it, save for Kierkegaard (a personal favorite). I enjoy art in almost any form (music in particular), and I'm an adept photographer, but I'd never before considered aesthetic experience or creation to be a philosophical pursuit. It was something "to be felt," of course, and this in itself was good, but ultimately art was comfortably above, or below, or beyond, or merely to one side of the intellect. My perception has already changed. Analytic and Continental philosophy aren't really so different after all (just one more reason to detest the terms).

I myself am quite boring. I play baseball for the Saints, and so my life at the moment consists only of training,
studying, and reading during occassional free time. To stave off bills, I work a part-time data entry job and run a small yet lucrative business buying, selling, fixing, and modifying electronics.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Hi guys!

I'm Ian O'Donnell, a Junior History major and theater minor. I'm taking this class because it fulfills my philosophy requirements but also because as an artist in is fascinating the think about how people view/understand it. Theater can be so subjective, i think it's going to be help me better understand the audience experience.

A common fact about me that people often find interesting is that I'm from California. My home town is Santa Clara, California and i lived there my whole life before coming to TMC. While in High School I was a Varsity swimmer my freshman year before my life became consumed by theater. When college decissions came around I ended up only applying for Thomas More.  

Here in Kentucky I like to think that I'm still a pretty interesting person. I'm a member of the Honors Program here at TMC, though I just joined the program this year. I also am a member of Alpha Delta Gamma, The Villa Players, Glee Club, sing for mass, and am President of Resident Student Association, so I tend to be pretty active around campus. Also my parents were first married in Cincinnati and i have cousins who live 10 minutes away so despite being from California I grew up enjoying the wonders of Skyline Chili (my dad say's he'll disown me if I become a Goldstar fan), Goetta, and more!

If any of this was actually interesting to you, let's be friends!

Howdy Duty

My name is Cooper Hill, senior educational studies major with psychology.  My favorite artistic influence from history is Leonardo da Vinci.  One of the greatest minds in the beginning of the renaissance.  If anyone wants to read a 12 page paper on this historic figure...I wrote one.  I'm actually very optimistic about this class to see how we as humans experience the arts.

Hello class

Hello class,

My name is Ben Kleier, and I am a sophmore pursuing an English and Art double major.  I am taking this class as English and Art both pertain to the subject of aesthetics.  I hope to learn the history of this subject and how I can use the concepts from this class to facilitate a better understanding of what I study and to aide me in my own creative endeavors.  In addition to all this scholarly shenanigans, I enjoy playing Ultimate (frisbee) and have recently taken up biking in my now non-existant spare time.  I also am a sandwich artist at Penn Station and hope to soon abscond to a more lucrative and interesting job.

a little about me

Hi I'm Kevin Henderson. I am a sophomore psychology major at Thomas More College. I also participate on the football team. The position i play at is right and left guard on the offensive line. I enjoy hanging out with my buddies on the team and spending time with my girlfriend. Something exciting that happened to me this summer is I went to Mc Donalds and they gave me the wrong order with two fries and seven burgers.

Kim Cornejo

Hello. My name is Kim Cornejo and I am double majoring in Psychology and Spanish. It's just my second year in college and I am hoping I graduate in a 4 year time frame. I am from Florence, KY and I attended Ryle High School. I like to work out and play Halo on my spare time. No, I'm not much of a gamer but my boyfriend definitely got me interested in it. I work at Convergys, a call center, and I can't say it is the best of my jobs that I've had, but I can't say it's the worst either. Fun fact about me is that I'm unfunny.

I am taking aesthetics because not only does it fulfill one of my requirements but also because I've never really taken in so much from just looking at the beauty around me and I think it'll be quite interesting to see what kind of meaning and beauty I can find from something like a picture.

Hey all!

I'm Sarah, a sophomore art major with a focus in graphic design. I'm taking this course primarily due to the fact that I'm an art major and of course I need a philosophy course, so I thought this class would be the best one to take considering my major. :)

Some fun facts about me are that I'm a triplet and all of them attend Thomas More but we look nothing alike! I aspire to travel but my pocket won't let me! haha Two summers ago I took a trip down under (Australia and New Zealand for those of you geographically challenged) which was one of the highlights of my life so far. And finally after a year my art projects do not involve anything to do with my trip! It's been a struggle. Also, I used to run cross country but my class load this semester prevented me from running this year, but next season I hope to get back in shape and be a part of the team! I work as a part time lifeguard throughout the year (indoor and outdoor pools) which turns full time from Memorial Day to whenever classes start. And Lastly, I went to an all girl high school which I know is pretty foreign for some people who aren't from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. It's been a big change but I like to think that Ive handled having boys in my classes fairly well!

That's really all the semi-interesting facts I can think of at the moment..

Thanks for reading!

Vincent Cline

Hi, I'm Vincent, people call me Vince, I don't care.
I'm a total Nintendo nut, and Mario is my favorite series. I like to make art (hence I am an art major). I've been playing piano for 17 years (mixture of self-teaching and lessons, but mostly play by ear). Over the summer I work as a cabin counselor at YMCA Camp Ernst. I want to move to Washington (the one above California, not DC) to attend DigiPen and live out my dream of developing games that millions will play. I've had so many near-death experiences that I've lost count. I'm taking this course not just because it is a required core class, but also for the fact that I always analyze the aesthetic appeal of my surroundings and wish to discuss my findings with other minds.

Now for a little music humor:

Tyler Thomas

Hello everyone!

I am a senior theatre major here at Thomas More.  This is also my last semester.  I am a Texan, born and raised, but I have really enjoyed my time here in Kentucky.  I love nearly all of the fine arts.  I took this class because "aesthetic" is a term that is dropped left and right in the theatrical field and I wanted to really study this term as it is philosophically understood.  I look forward to what this class has to offer!

Morgan Cornwell

Hi. My name is Morgan Cornwell. I am in my last semester here at Thomas More and cannot wait for December. I grew up in Columbus, Ohio and attended Bishop Hartley High School. I love basketball and I am a huge Notre Dame football fan. Do not know much about the philosophy of art, but I am ready to learn. Thats a little about me.

About Me: Brandon Coyle

Hello, my name is Brandon Coyle. I am a Biology major/ Chemistry minor in my senior year here at Thomas More. I grew up in the Northern Kentucky area and attended Lloyd Memorial High School. Outside of class I enjoy listening and playing music on my guitar or piano, drawing and painting, any sport or physical activity, and cleaning because I'm OCD and have to be organized.

I decided to take aesthetics because of my interest in art and drawing. I wasn't sure what exactly went into studying the philosophy of art but it did sound very interesting all while finishing my philosophy core requirement.

Well, that's a little about me! Until next time, See ya!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Hey everyone

My name is Michaela Riggs.  I'm a sophomore biology student with a pre-vet focus.  I love animals, large or small, but I especially love horses, and I actually used to help a trainer back home in Indiana break and train Rocky Mountain gaited horses, or any other gaited horses.  Currently, I am working three jobs, one of which is a vet's assistant at Lewis Animal Hospital in Galbraith, OH.  I'm hoping to one day begin my own vet practice with a focus on large animals, however that's quite a ways down the road.

My aesthetic taste is a bit skewed I would say, so I'm definitely looking forward to this class. 


About Me

Hello all!
     I'm Haleigh (Hay-Lee) Clements - a Elementary Education and Spanish major Super Senior (aka 5th year student).  I also have a minor in International Studies: Latin American and Caribbean Studies (basically more Spanish).

Fun facts about me: 

  • There's an 18 year difference between my youngest sister and myself.
  • I have a half sister who I just met about a year ago.
  • I love to write and sing!
  • My favorite color changes every day.
  • I work as a nanny, I do 2 work study jobs, and I work outside of school.
  • I'm on the RSA council as treasurer.
  • I love strange diseases like heterochromia (2 different colored eyes) and synesthesia (2+ senses combine).
  • The school supply aisle makes me happy.:o)

I'm a coffee addict...

Why am I in an aesthetics course?

     Well, I love art.  I love to view it, to listen to music, to write, etc.  I also thought the course would be extremely fun because I loved my aesthetics course in high school.

I'm looking forward to a great semester!