Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hello Everyone!

I'm Samuel Easley, a Sophomore philosophy major. This is my first year at Thomas More, as I (very) recently transferred from Xavier University. So far, I love Kentucky. One could give lengthier reasons than this, but the whole ethos of Thomas More and the state in general can just as easily be encapsulated in the air. Never before have I wanted to spend so much time outside just to breathe such fine air. It's really a lovely place.

Though naturally I find philosophy in general to be fascinating, aesthetics in particular is of interest because I've had almost no exposure to any thought which concerns it, save for Kierkegaard (a personal favorite). I enjoy art in almost any form (music in particular), and I'm an adept photographer, but I'd never before considered aesthetic experience or creation to be a philosophical pursuit. It was something "to be felt," of course, and this in itself was good, but ultimately art was comfortably above, or below, or beyond, or merely to one side of the intellect. My perception has already changed. Analytic and Continental philosophy aren't really so different after all (just one more reason to detest the terms).

I myself am quite boring. I play baseball for the Saints, and so my life at the moment consists only of training,
studying, and reading during occassional free time. To stave off bills, I work a part-time data entry job and run a small yet lucrative business buying, selling, fixing, and modifying electronics.

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