Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Hi guys!

I'm Ian O'Donnell, a Junior History major and theater minor. I'm taking this class because it fulfills my philosophy requirements but also because as an artist in is fascinating the think about how people view/understand it. Theater can be so subjective, i think it's going to be help me better understand the audience experience.

A common fact about me that people often find interesting is that I'm from California. My home town is Santa Clara, California and i lived there my whole life before coming to TMC. While in High School I was a Varsity swimmer my freshman year before my life became consumed by theater. When college decissions came around I ended up only applying for Thomas More.  

Here in Kentucky I like to think that I'm still a pretty interesting person. I'm a member of the Honors Program here at TMC, though I just joined the program this year. I also am a member of Alpha Delta Gamma, The Villa Players, Glee Club, sing for mass, and am President of Resident Student Association, so I tend to be pretty active around campus. Also my parents were first married in Cincinnati and i have cousins who live 10 minutes away so despite being from California I grew up enjoying the wonders of Skyline Chili (my dad say's he'll disown me if I become a Goldstar fan), Goetta, and more!

If any of this was actually interesting to you, let's be friends!

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