Tuesday, August 27, 2013

About Me

Hello all!
     I'm Haleigh (Hay-Lee) Clements - a Elementary Education and Spanish major Super Senior (aka 5th year student).  I also have a minor in International Studies: Latin American and Caribbean Studies (basically more Spanish).

Fun facts about me: 

  • There's an 18 year difference between my youngest sister and myself.
  • I have a half sister who I just met about a year ago.
  • I love to write and sing!
  • My favorite color changes every day.
  • I work as a nanny, I do 2 work study jobs, and I work outside of school.
  • I'm on the RSA council as treasurer.
  • I love strange diseases like heterochromia (2 different colored eyes) and synesthesia (2+ senses combine).
  • The school supply aisle makes me happy.:o)

I'm a coffee addict...

Why am I in an aesthetics course?

     Well, I love art.  I love to view it, to listen to music, to write, etc.  I also thought the course would be extremely fun because I loved my aesthetics course in high school.

I'm looking forward to a great semester! 

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