Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Blog #7 Oct. 8th

We watched the Picasso video in class and what bothered me was the part where it shows him drawing a "masterpiece" on a translucent page so we could see the exact steps it took to get the finished product.  I'm not saying that the artwork he produced wasn't amazing and historical, however, I was not impressed to see how quickly he created an image and it looked somewhat cool.  His finished product in the video was not impressive to me.  That being said, we protect artists like him as if he had properties of a god.  This is a little bit too much for me to comprehend.  In my opinion, Pablo Picasso's works were somewhat of a cognitive overload for anyone looking at them.  The figures were very complex as well as the color he used to express the images.  This, to me, is something that makes art ugly or unappealing.  I have been yelled at multiple times for referring to his paintings as "cognitive overload" and said I can't respect good artwork.  I disagree (of course) because if it doesn't do anything to me aesthetically, then there is nothing I can really do to change the way that I view it.  If anyone says Picasso's works are better than Leonardo da Vinci's...we can have a nice discussion about it outside class.
I apologize, but this is just too much cognitive load for my brain to enjoy

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