Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Final Frontier (or Lack There Of)

Modernists often defy traditionalists with their works as they seek to open up the general definition of art. The traditionalists of course see this as threatening to society at large, because if humans were free to do whatever they desired, chaos would reign. I think the solution to the two opposing viewpoints is to synthesize a new view on art, one that respects the old ways but builds upon them in an organic way to create something that fills contemporary. That being said, the greater narrative of art has seemingly ended in as much as there are no rules to dictate what is created. This may seem scary at first (as I'm sure the traditionalists would agree), but the idea of an open-ended view of art provides us boundless opportunities for expression (be they personal or cultural). Who knows what exciting things can spring forth from such a climate? So, I leave you with this question. Has the last frontier been tamed (in regards to art)?

"Street Art Created by the Graffiti Artist Space Invader"

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