Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Blog #9 October 24th

Sun Ra
      My dear god, we watched the Sun Ra video(s) in class and the guy was an absolute nut case!  His music was something nobody had ever seen and claimed he was from another planet come to shed his influence on everyone of Earth.  People enjoyed it because it was a statement and most people thought it was a black rights movement, this was not the case.  Although I don't enjoy the music, at all, I liked very much how humble he was about not needing to go to a bigger audience.  Sun Ra's documentary was really interesting thinking in the sense of being aesthetic  because they were all thinking about and trying out new methods, sounds, and genres of music.  It just amazes me that he made such an impact as an entertainer and an individual because he was so weird and outlandish with his music.  He was very consistent, very serious, and very passionate.  All about the cosmos and showing people a new way to view the reality we built up for ourselves. To me, that is very aesthetically pleasing.  I watched a few minuted of his movie "Space is the Place"....just...wow.  Pretty interesting though.

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