Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Jeff Lynne and The Electric Light Orchestra

One of rock's unsung heroes (in my opinion) is Jeff Lynne a British producer/musician who is best known for leading the prog rock/symphonic rock/art rock/pop rock band Electric Light Orchestra(or E.L.O.) If you don't think you've heard of E.L.O. before listen to the song "Mr. Blue Sky", its been featured in numerous movies and commercials.

Other famous hits include "Evil Woman" and "Don't Bring Me Down".  Jeff Lynne surprising actually cannot read music and actually plays and arranges everything by ear, which is impressive when one thinks of the lush orchestral arrangements of E.L.O..  I certainly am of the opinion the Jeff Lynne should be considered a modern genius, thought E.L.O. is dismissed by rock critics as fluffy and "not real rock" many of their innovations are still seen today, such overdubbed vocals, heavy synth work, and laser lights at concerts.  But what makes Lynne even more remarkable is that as a producer and writer his work is prolific.  He has produced such great figures as George Harrison, Tom Petty (including the hit "Free Falling"), and even Regina Spektor.  He also was a memebr of the remarkable 1980s "super group" The Traveling Wilburys.  It is interesting that someone who has contributed so much to the world of music is relatively unknown to most people. I leave you with one of my favorite tracks by E.L.O. the dance beat infused "Sweat Talking Woman"...

Any thoughts?

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