Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why exhibit modern art?

When reading Coomaraswamy’s beliefs on why it is important to exhibit art I came to an understanding of modern artwork in comparison to historical works of art.  The purpose of exhibiting historical works of art is to provide educational opportunities.  We are able to learn from artwork by taking into consideration the circumstances under which each piece of art was created.  Coomaraswamy reminds us that the historical objects, which are displayed in museums, were not created to be analyzed by museumgoers; they were created as common objects, which could be used by anyone.  Objects are now created in bulk with a focus on sales, rather than attention to detail.   This is why I tend to agree with Coomaraswamy’s belief that artwork of living artists should rarely be exhibited because it fails to provide much historical significance.

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  1. You make a very good point here. Scharfstein would no doubt agree with Coomaraswamy about this. It is also probably relevant that Coomaraswamy, as a curator, was part of the museum world.