Monday, October 14, 2013

Universal Art

When reading the document Professor Langguth posted about Kant and the Critique of Judgment, I found myself agreeing very much so with his point of view. I think we can think something is beautiful but not necessarily aesthetically beautiful when it comes to judgment of taste. The Critique of Judgment uses the example of a cold glass of lemonade on a warm, muggy day. I think this is a perfect example of something that we can find beautiful just because of the circumstances in that particular period of time. However, for us to make a true judgment of taste, it should be through an art form, something that is aesthetically pleasing. So for example, a well-known painting or a very pleasing piece of music would be considered something that a judgment of taste would be needed. The article also talks about how a judgment of taste can be “universally binding.” I found this very intriguing because some people think that art is just for artist or art enthusiasts. Being in the studio at Thomas More for the majority of my day every day has made me come to realize and appreciate everyone’s artistic ability whether they are the ones teaching the class or taking their very first studio art class, everyone can have something different to say about art. 

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