Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I don't like that

In class we discussed the idea of taste and how important philosophers like Aristotle believed it to be.  We also questioned when it was that we develop taste.  Professor Langguth remarked that his daughter will say when she doesn't like certain music, as does my 3 year old sister, Hope.
     Hope is very vocal, and will make sure that everyone knows when she does or doesn't like something.  Usually such a claim is followed by a pouted lip, little fists on hips, and a furrowed brow.  While the things she does like (music mostly) result in her saying she likes it louder or gasping and shouting out who is singing, ("It's Katy Peery!" or "Mumfy!" are some of my favorite examples.)
     I definitely know that her love for Mumford and Sons comes from much exposure to their music.  Yet, other things she likes are things I can't find a cause for.  Such as Hope's tendency to change out of her pajamas and into dresses at bedtime.
     I believe that aesthetic taste is something that begins to develop at a young age once we are given the option to express our likes and dislikes.  I also believe that tastes can change over time.  Thoughts?

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  1. This is a really cool argument and made me wonder in this class how old you have to be to decide what you like; how old must you be to compose thoughts and feels toward liking or disliking things like music. A first hand example helped back this up by using your sister. Awesome ideas!