Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I Know

"Just as it's impossible for people who can't read to appreciate literature or calligraphy.  It's impossible for those who don't know how to paint to understand anything about painting."
                                                                                                                        -Chang Lu

Does this quote resonate within our society today?  With our conversations earlier in the year on "what is art?"  Does this perspective hold any truth in the qualification of people in them being able to pass judgements on painting (and other forms of art?)  Does it really take instruction of how to paint to understand anything about painting?  Is it possible to gain knowledge on the creative process and the products of this process through visits to art museums, and galleries?  Do lectures/discussions with artists, curators, or art historians give people any qualification to assume knowledge of certain artistic processes or endeavors.

Perhaps Lu doesn't even insinuate that people are unable to understand the product but rather the process of creation, as many artists find the process of painting more meaningful and liberating than the physical painting itself.

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