Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Avant-Garde Experimental Norwegian Jazz?

Not as weird as you might think. After the lecture on Tuesday, I was a little skeptical about the event professor Langguth was hosting on Wednesday evening. My reluctance going into the concert soon diminished after hearing VCDC begin to play. To some it might have sounded like noise that didn’t have harmony or any structure. But I found it interesting that they fed off of each other’s sound to make it flow together.

After the performances the audience asked a few questions and I was struck by one member of the band had described music in general. It doesn’t necessarily have to follow structure, emotion, or meaning, but everything around us can be heard as music. That brought me back to a movie I really like, “August Rush” the movie is about an orphan boy who has musician parents and uses his music to find his parents. He heard music in the wind, train station and in a busy city. Some may think its just noise but he focused on the qualities it possessed and made it into something beautiful. It also made me think about different kinds of music tastes. For example, I like alternative and indie music and have a very low tolerance for country music. Some people think the kind of music I listen to is just noise, but I think its beautiful. So the members of VCDC make music and do what they like, the members of their band will follow or go a whole different direction with their song. It all depends on where the music takes them and what the outcome is. 

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