Friday, November 29, 2013

"They wouldn't know good art if it hit them in the face."

Earlier in the blog, I talked about Banksy's modifications to a humble thrift shop painting, and how that had an effect on its value. Needless to say, with a personality like Banksy's there were bound to be more incidents during the time he spent in New York City. This time, he set-up shop outside Central Park and tried to sell some of his paintings. In the end, the artist who normally auctions off his work for millions only managed to sell a eight pieces for about $420 (generally at
$60 per painting). Banksy explicitly stated that this was simply a one-time stunt, yet the number of Banksy counterfeits sold has gone up dramatically since then. What does this say about how we view art? Do we really only care about the brand behind the piece and not the actual work itself?

Banksy's Central Park Stand

Here's the link to the actual story:

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