Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pop Culture

   Society has changed drastically in the last few years, so has our culture. Pop art has become the new trend, and has changed our expectations of art completely. Music, specifically, has become a huge part of that expectation. One of my inspirations (no matter how many people laugh at me) is Lady Gaga. Her music has always had some underlying message that many people don't bother to notice. She is creatively disturbed in a sense, which I would assume Scharfstein would refer to her as a "genius" because she holds a certain view of things. She proves these views through her actions and art.

   Some people would protest this by claiming she auto tunes her voice, and doesn't actually sing. I would like to raise the question, that if VCDC can tune the keyboard and give it different sounds, isn't that relatively the same as changing someone's voice? In both cases you are tuning it to give it different sounds and evoke different emotions. So why is pop culture so roughly criticized, since it is being done in other parts of the world and looked at as beautiful?

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