Saturday, November 23, 2013

Art and Religion

Some cultures across the world do not involve humans or other living things in their religious paintings. One culture in particular is Islam. The purpose of this is to portray the meaning of the painting, and what it speaks about, rather than the physical form of it. The religious Islamic art portray geometrical designs as visions of certain things, instead.

I found this interesting because when it is compared to Catholic art, the human form is extremely prominent, because beauty is seen in humans. A lot of Catholic art portrays women surrounded by angels, or men on high pedestals, as a symbol of the standpoint of human nature.

This also says a lot about the parts of the society in general. American culture objectifies humans as greater parts of the world because of the "closeness to God," while Indian cultures sees themselves as lesser humans compared to animals and Holy objects (maybe statues for example.)

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